Branding Strategy Guides For Small Businesses!

Whether you’re new to branding, or want to learn advanced strategies, this is your hub for branding strategy knowledge.

Learn the brand identity guidelines, how to conduct a situational analysis, and all the important branding strategy frameworks.

You can also access our free business research and market analysis tools and resources, designed to help establish your small business in its niche.

Branding strategy hub for small businesses

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Brand Identity Guidelines

What You'll Learn:

Learn how to develop a unique brand identity that communicates your brands message, and design a visual identity that truly represents your brand. We also have guides to the fundamentals of logo design, typography and colour theory.

6 Resources:

Logo Design Fundamentals

Typography Fundamentals

Colour Theory Fundamentals

Conduct A Situational Analysis

What You'll Learn:

Learn how to conduct a situational analysis of your business, including how to analyze your macro and micro environment, how to perform a SWOT analysis on your business, and how to set SMART goals to help scale your startup.

Positioning Your Brand For Success

What You'll Learn:

Learn how to identify & segment your target market, strategically differentiate your brand in the market, and how to write a concise positioning statement that speaks to your desired userbase.

3 Resources:

Brand Differentiation Strategy

Brand Positioning Statement

Market Research Tools & Brand Strategy Frameworks

What You'll Learn:

Learn how to plan & identify your research methodology, collect & record your data, identify and stalk your competitors, and analyse the research findings to gather key market insights into your specific industry!

5 Resources:

Competitor Analysis

Collecting Data

Generating Key Insights

Specialist Brand Building For Startups & Small Businesses

Our website offers a wealth of frameworks and resources to help scale your small business or startup. Our blogs and articles cover topics such as innovative brand strategy, effective digital marketing, engaging digital design, professional animation & video editing, as well as the best content creation techniques on the scene.

Get Specialist Brand Building Advice

Read our brand research resources, specialist branding strategy guides, and brand identity fundamentals to learn how to build a brand that succeeds over time!

Strategic Branding For Startups

Our strategic brand building guidelines are designed to assist founders and startup teams in performing industry-level brand development!

Branding Resources For Small Businesses

Learn how to brand your small business or personal brand! We have resources on the fundamentals of brand identity, including logo design, typographic design, font selection, colour palette creation and colour theory design.

Branding Strategy FAQ

Small businesses frequently ask us questions on branding, brand research, brand identity, and visual identity. Here are some of the most common:

What Is A Branding Strategy?

A plan for creating and maintaining a strong brand. It includes identifying the target audience, determining the key messages, and creating a unique and recognizable brand identity.

What Is Branding?

Branding is a name, term, design, symbol, or other feature that differentiates and positions an organization or product from its competitors in the eyes of the consumer.

What Is Brand Research?

Brand research is the process of gathering data and insights about a brand in order to inform brand strategy and decision-making.

What Is A Brand Identity

A brand identity is a set of unique, consistent visual and verbal elements that are used to communicate the brand's core message to its target audience.

What Is A Visual Identity

A visual identity is a set of visual elements that represent a company, organization, or product. These elements can include colors, logos, typography, and images.

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